I will guide you through the complexities involved in completing your transaction, ensuring that the process is ethical and legal.

I will work with you to address all the possible consequences of the decisions required during the transaction. 

Your schedule will be the guide during the process. I will be punctual and timely with my obligations to ensure that your schedule is adhered to. 

To the best of my ability, I will think like you, feel the same way you do, even speak your words. My actions will be relevant to your goals. 

I will have most of the answers. Most likely I will not have them all. In the event that I don't have one, I will find someone who does. My actions will be those of support. 

My representation. while working for you, will be one of legality, thoroughness, punctuality, relevance and support. And yes, we'll have some laughs along the way. I will be the coach, but you will call the plays.